Healthy Start

What is Healthy Start?

HealthyStart is an innovative early interceptive orthodontic treatment system. That means that HealthyStart uses custom-designed appliances to manipulate the development of the jaws and eruption of the permanent teeth in order to ensure a properly aligned, beautiful smile. The appliances used in this multi-phase system are typically worn while the child is asleep, so they won’t interfere with your child’s routine.

What are the benefits of Healthy Start?

The HealthyStart system has multiple benefits for patients. It can give them a properly aligned smile from a young age, potentially allowing them to avoid orthodontic treatment or oral surgery in adolescence or adulthood. Furthermore, having a straight smile from a young age positive affects a child’s nutrition, speech patterns and self-confidence. HealthyStart also addresses sleep-disordered breathing and can improve the host of physiological and behavioral symptoms that can result from that condition.

How much does Healthy Start cost?

There is no single dollar amount that accurately captures the cost of HealthyStart treatment. Different characteristics of different cases can influence the cost, which may also include associated services, such as imaging. Some dental insurance providers may include benefits covering this treatment. If yours is one of them, our office staff will help you determine your coverage and file any claims required for reimbursement by your insurance provider.

Healthy Start Success Stories

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