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  • Have you ever wondered why your child has sleep disorders such as feeling drowsy at school, snoring, getting up in the night. 
  • In addition, does your child get frequent allergies, asthema, problem concentrating in studies, has anger, depression or headaches? 
  • No, your child is not making excuses or has some psychological problems. Your child has poor airway and is not getting enough oxygen in his or her body.  
  • The answer lies in the alignment of teeth and jaw of your child. Crowded teeth may force the tongue forward against the teeth, narrowing the dental arch and constricting the airway. Breathing is necessary for the child’s health.
  • When the child’s airway is constricted or narrow, the child will struggle to receive enough oxygen at night while sleeping resorting to mouth breathing, which makes the issue more complicated.  These breathing issues lead to so many problems for children as explained above. 
  • HealthyStart program can help open up the airway by bringing the upper and lower jaws forward and help improve the airway and the overall immune system.
  • Today nine of ten children need braces and wires due to crowded teeth. 
  • HealthyStart has a program that will gradually improve your child’s alignment of teeth and make them straight. No more poking wires and pain in wires the children have to go through while wearing braces. 
  • The program is customized for each child. Initially, the child’s parents are requested to fill out some forms. Based on the responses given in the forms, HealthyStart creates a customized habit corrector for that child.  Guidelines are given to the parents regarding the use of this appliance. 


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